Unsung Heroes: Everyday Makeup Tools/Accesories

  1. Ottlite Natural Lighted Makeup Mirror (White)
    Photo courtesy of Amazon. www.amazon.com
    $49.99 usd
    It’s been my tried and true double sided mirror (with magnification) & natural lighting for 6 years with no expiration in site.
  2. Eyelash Curler
    Please recommend a good one; I’m not loving my Shiseido Eyelash Curler.
  3. Hair Velcro
    Photo courtesy of Amazon. www.amazon.com
    $2.95 usd/10 packs
    It keeps my hair off my face during makeup application without disturbing my hairdo/style and holds back baby hairs like a champ!
  4. Tweezerman Tweezers
    Photo courtesy of Tweezerman. www.tweezerman.com
    $17 usd (cheaper @ TJMaxx/Marshalls)
  5. Chapstick (Sugar Cookie)
    Photo courtesy of Chapstick. www.chapstick.com
    $0.50 usd (seasonal item at Walmart)
    I use it as a lip primer before I even start to apply my A.M. skincare routine so that my lips are fully conditioned and prepped by the time I’m ready to apply a lip color (Tip: remember to wipe off the Chapstick before applying matte/liquid lipstick/long-wear formulas).
  6. Crown Brush double-sided Flat Foundation/Concealer brush
    Photo courtesy of Crown Brush. crownbrush.co.uk
    It’s a U.K. website but this style of brush can be picked up at any drugstore for inexpensive. I purchased the exact replica at Target for ~$6 usd and it has survived years of washing and makeup abuse without shedding or coming unglued at the ferrel.
  7. E.L.F. Stipple Brush (Small)
    Photo courtesy of e.l.f. www.elfcosmetics.com
    $1.50 usd
    Great for blending cream products without disturbing the foundation/base underneath!
  8. Microfiber Baby Towels
    I use them because I happen to have them on hand and they’re an inexpensive lightweight option that’s readily available. Otherwise you can invest in the Turbie Twist $6.08 usd at Walmart.
  9. Goody Ouchless Hair Bands (Black)
    Photo courtesy of Amazon. www.amazon.com
    $4.61 usd for 29 bands
  10. Multi-Vitamins
    rainbow light
    Photo courtesy of Rainbow Light. www.rainbowlight.com
    $59.99 usd for 150 pills (They’re far cheaper at Target or Amazon so shop around!) Also I’ve only used the prenatal version since it’s very mild for those with severe heartburn, pregnant, or nursing.


Congrats for hanging onto the bitter end for these bring but everyday essentials!


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